And some of it was true!

More positive press for 'Stranger', this time from, where we're compared to coke and skittles (alas, not beer and skittles :)). Check it out here.

Also: that picture of the Olympic site is from the archives! That was taken from the top of a building in Hackney before we played our first gig. Precious memories.


Just a another reminder than we'll be setting up in the Griffin for Agree In The Dark #3 tomorrow from 3pm. The zines are printed and stapled so there's no going back now.

Agree In The Dark goes to the movies!

More information about AITD #3 at the Cine-East Fringe Festival:

It's going to be a corker! Football will be on downstairs and the live music will finish in time for kick-off.

More information about the Cine-East Fringe Festival and the East End Film Festival can be found on their website here. It's a day long takeover of East London as a precursor to the East End Film Fest (we're number 44 on the list).

Agree In The Dark #3 - The Griffin, Cine-East

AITD #3, next Sunday at the Griffin*:

Bit of a special one, this: there's going to be lots of bands/soloists interspersed with short films from some of the most exciting new film makers around. This particular AITD show is part of the Cine-East Fringe Festival, so there'll be lots of stuff on all day. Our bit should wrap up in time for the football in the evening, so why not make a day of it?

Model Railway Exhibition will be giving a special performance and bringing along copies of their new EP '...let's make a vow' ('a 5-track masterclass in shoegaze pop'

We'll be debuting some new stuff too, provided I can remember the words...

*flyer updated, 26/06/2012

Review of 'Stranger' from The Sound of Confusion

"...loaded with spirit and tinny, reverberating guitars."

Yes! Check out the full review on The Sound of Confusion.

And if you haven't heard these new tracks yet, get on it here. DO EEEETT, DO EETTT NOW!!


Hallo there!

It's been a bit quitely round here of late. Don't let the lack of posts fool ya', we've been busy as hell over the last few weeks. Mainly -and get this - writing new songs. Here are some of the best bits:

We're putting on a day of live music and short films as part of the Zine-East Fringe festival, a pre-curser to the awesome East London Film Festival. This is going down as Agree In The Dark #3, so expect the usual free zine and intimate feel. This time however, we'll be setting up camp at The Griffin in Shoreditch. Also, Model Railway Exhibition will be bringing along some advanced copies of their brand spanking new EP, ...let's mek a vow (as well as playing).

We've also decided to make a couple of *cough* new tracks available via Bandcamp to celebrate the occasion. All at the very reasonable price of an email address and your mortal soul. Head over there now, have a listen and let us know what you think. Mixed by the man responsible for this (amongst other things).

Finally, we're in the process of moving home to a new website. You'll have to bear with us as we switch from one site to the other. When this site closes down we'll give you the signal. Don't ask what the signal is, you'll just know.

soooo... More soon, including flyer and more details about AITD #3.


Agree In The Dark #2

We're hosting our second Agree In The Dark night at Jan's Bar in Stoke Newington on the 15th March. We'll be playing with Model Railway Exhibition and Sophie Burrows and the entry price will be £4, which includes a copy of the AITD zine, featuring bits and pieces from all the performers (amongst others).

Check the flyer out (no expense spared):

We'll also be playing Bad Sex at Proud on Thursday. More info for that here.

Gig at The Good Ship this weekend

Hello, hello, hello!

We're playing the Good Ship in Kilburn this Saturday. It's a great venue and we've had fun whenever we've played there in the past so it should be good. Check out the Facebook page here. Any excuse to dust off the nautical clothing, eh?!

See you there!

Review of It's All Happening's night at the Old Blue Last

From Tom at 10Tribes:
First up on the stage was support act No Colour who, in complete opposition to their monochromatic name, filled the room with an energetic display of pure indie subliminity. Their faux-awkward glances and shaggy-haired charm was certainly not wasted on an appreciative audience of sound-shepherds. We listened carefully and applauded with gusto.
Cool! See the whole review here.

Stranger than fiction

The festive period wasn't all mince pies, brandy and busking, you know. We were also busy recording some new music. New track 'Stranger' was recorded by ourselves in Stoke Newington and mixed at Milou Studios. We'll have a musical taster soon enough, but in the meantime check out the photos below:


Also, just a quick reminder that we're playing the Old Blue Last with Secret Rivals and Safari tomorrow night, and it's free entry.

Interview on ONfm tomorrow morning

We're going to be interviewed on the Lola and Lulu Show on ONfm Radio 101.4FM. We'll be on sometime between 8am and 10am so tune in for witty banter and insight!

Update: check out the Lola and Lulu Show's website here.

Secret Rivals single launch at the Old Blue Last

Happy new year!

We hope everyone is feeling suitably fat after the indulgences of the festive season.

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be supporting Secret Rivals at the Old Blue Last on the 17th January, at the launch night for their new single 'Once More With Heart/I Know Something'. More info on prices and stage times to follow.